Top 5 Factors To Consider When Returning To A Previous Employer

You might have just started a brand new role and be stuck with a niggling feeling of “should I go back to my old job?” 

Well, you are not alone – of the 668 people that CK Group polled via LinkedIn on whether they would consider returning to a previous employer – 74% said they would consider the prospect. 

From our experience, when considering whether or not to return to a previous employer, there are several things to think about. 

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Here is what we suggest considering to help you make an informed decision.

The job – does it offer real career development opportunities?

This is the most important aspect to consider – would the job at your previous employer be a step up for you and offer real career development opportunities? If yes, then go for it. If no, then try to renegotiate a better deal or stick with your current employer.

Your colleagues – will they be resentful of you?

Have a real think about what your previous colleagues will think of the fact that you have already left the company once. Will they be resentful if you go back or welcome you with open arms?

If you left the company on good terms, and were making a positive contribution at the time of your departure, it is likely that you will be welcomed back into the team without hesitation. If you feel nervous about returning, give your confidence a boost by reminding yourself of your achievements.

Company culture – do you identify with it?

A familiar and friendly culture can be a big lure when considering whether or not to return to a previous employer. If you feel a strong identification with the company’s core values and you have a real understanding of what is expected of employees, it is much more likely you will beat your competition during the interview process.

Don’t make an impulsive decision – take your time to think it through

Before taking the plunge and re-joining your previous employer, really take your time to consider your decision. Are you just having regrets because you haven’t given yourself time to bed into your new company? Are you constantly comparing the old with the new? Try to take a step back and really think about these things, after all there was a reason why you decided you leave your previous employer in the first place.

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