Agency Workers Regulations (AWR)

About the Agency Workers Regulations

The Agency Workers Regulations were introduced on the 1st of October 2011, to ensure the protection of temporary agency workers by applying the “principles of equal treatment in terms of basic working and employment conditions”.

This means that agency workers are entitled to equal treatment as if they had been directly recruited to the job. In the UK this is subject to the completion of a 12-week qualifying period of continuous work with the same hirer in the same role.

Who do the Agency Workers Regulations apply to?

The AWR regulations apply to all temporary agency workers who are supplied by a temporary work agency to work for, and under the supervision and direction of, a hirer.

The end company has a contract with the temporary work agency (or any intermediate) such as CK Group, which is either a contract of employment or a contract for services. If you are self-employed or work through your own personal company then these regulations do not apply to you.

What do the AWR regulations mean?

These regulations mean that temporary workers are entitled to the same benefits and rights as permanent employees. Examples of this are access to gyms, canteens, parking facilities, or any other perceived benefits. If you have to be a team lead to gain a parking space or gym membership then the same rule will apply to temporary and permanent employees.

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