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CK Group 2023 Salary Survey

We're pleased to announce the launch of our 2023 salary survey,  '2023 Salary Report – Clinical Research and Medical Affairs'.

‘The Great Reshuffle’: LinkedIn Global Talent Trends Report 2022

LinkedIn recently released its Global Talent Trends Report for 2022, taking a close look at the evolution of company culture and its future prospects.

LinkedIn trends report 2022 graphic

100 years of women in STEM: How far we’ve come

In honour of British Science Week, we're celebrating the women who have made incredible contributions to STEM. and looking at how far we've come over the last 100 years.

British Science Week graphic

RSC’s Pay and Reward Report 2021

We are proud to have sponsored the Royal Society of Chemistry's Pay and Reward Report for 2021. The report looks at salaries, job security and more - take a look.

Pay and review report graphic

How companies are managing flexible working post lockdown: what our survey revealed

We recently carried out a survey across a range of organisations in the life sciences arena within the UK, which explored their plans for returning to work once lockdown restrictions allowed.

Flexible working infographic

Women in Industry: Judith Love Cohen

Some of the best, brightest and bravest engineers are women, yet we hear them talked about so infrequently that their contributions to STEM are often overlooked simply because many are unaware of them.

Female engineer working

How has the Covid-19 pandemic affected job seekers in the UK?

We recently surveyed some of our candidates who have found new roles to investigate the latest trends in recruitment and see what these could mean for future job seekers.

CK Group job hunting trends in 2021 survey

British Science Week 2021: The Matilda Effect

This week is British Science Week, which is a ten day celebration of all things science, technology, engineering and maths. For 2021, British Science Week is challenging stereotypes in science and celebrating the diversity of those working in STEM careers, by sharing the stories of the inspiring individuals working in laboratories, innovation centres, universities and […]

British Science Week 2021 graphic

Future opportunities in chemistry – watch the webinar

On the 20th January, we joined a webinar hosted by The Royal Society of Chemistry on future opportunities in chemistry and employment growth areas, alongside the pharmaceutical company Pfizer.

Future opportunities in Chemistry webinar graphic

Watch our webinar on demand

We hosted a webinar on the 14th October on how to work with a recruitment agency and why you should consider it.

How to work with a recruitment agency webinar photo

How to Work With a Recruitment Agency: Watch Our Webinar

We hosted a webinar with the Royal Society of Chemistry last week themed ‘How to work with a recruitment agency’. The webinar has now been posted to RSC’s YouTube channel for you to rewatch and share with friends or colleagues who would like more information on how to work with a recruitment agency and the benefits […]

Royal Society of Chemistry Logo

Jobs in Science are on the Rise

Great news! Since March 2020, job hunters have seen a sharp decline in new jobs being listed globally. However, due to the recent lifting of some lockdown policies, job postings are now stabilising and beginning to rise again in the science sectors. This means that now could be the perfect time to search for a […]

Laboratory worker testing CoronaVirus

From industry to recruitment: why make the jump?

Recruitment is a versatile career, valuing experience from a wide range of backgrounds. At CK Group, our recruitment consultants bring with them experience from sales and customer service, to roles within the industries we recruit for.

Recruitment jenga blocks

Why the popularity of contracting is rising

There has been a rise in demand for contractors. According to a study by the Freelance Union, by 2020 half of the workforce will be made up of contractors – increasing from 35% of the workforce in 2014.

Contracting infographic

How to start a career in chemistry – New Scientist

As part of our careers advice series with New Scientist Jobs, Victoria Walker who is a specialist in recruitment in the chemical industry has created her top tips to starting a career in chemistry and to where this could potentially take you. Take a look here:

An infographic outlining how to get a career in chemistry

Women in Industry: Mary Kenneth Keller

Continuing with our adventure Continuing with our adventure into the world of science and technology pioneers, who also happen to be women, we introduce to you Mary Kenneth Keller.

A photo of Mary Kenneth Keller

Women in Industry: Sameera Moussa

It is widely known that women within the STEM sector are vastly under-represented, and we would like to encourage more women to consider a career in STEM.

A photo of Sameera Moussa

The future is bright for women in engineering

For this year’s women in engineering day, I would like to celebrate two specific women. One whom you have probably heard of, and one you may not have yet.

women working in engineering

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