One Nucleus – Online Building Life Science Adventures Conference // 12-13 March 2024

CK Group are proud to be sponsoring the two-day online Building Life Science Adventures conference hosted by One Nucleus, 12-13 March.

The One Nucleus careers conference focuses on creating careers in science, not just jobs. It emphasises a collaborative approach between individuals building their careers and organisations building strong teams. Unlike traditional job fairs, this event offers free attendance and features panels of students, early career seekers, employers, recruitment specialists and universities engaging in lively discussions on topics such as inclusive pathways, overcoming imposter syndrome, navigating industry barriers, and choosing the right employer. It provides an opportunity to fill knowledge gaps, debate best practices, and connect for success in the science sector.

The event aims to cover:

  • Inclusive pathways
  • Tips on how to develop the best team
  • The value of a PhD – is it worth it?
  • What to expect from the current Life Science job market
  • The role of social media in recruitment and career development
  • How Big Pharma and Start Ups compete for the right people (read our article on choosing between global or start-up companies)
  • UK vs USA recruitment

Join our Associate Directors, Russell Oakley and Jocelyn Blackham as they share their expertise and valuable insights with you all, alongside several industry experts.

Read more about this event here.

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