Jocelyn Blackham

Jocelyn Blackham is the Head of Recruitment for QK Quality Labor Solutions in Zug, Switzerland.

Jocelyn has exceptional experience in contract recruitment with the CK Group and now focuses on contract recruitment solely within Switzerland.



“Jocelyn Blackham has been a great support for my new position in Switzerland. She is a great asset who know very well clinical research market and organization needs. She is a valuable professional with who you can relay on and for me it’s a pleasure be at her hands for new professional opportunities. Thank you Jocelyn!” Clinical Trial Leader

“Jocelyn was really kind from the beginning. She was always willing to work with me to find suitable options according to my profile, passed on all necessary information and always had good recommendations and tips to share with me. I could feel an honest interest from her to help me find my placement. I couldn’t be more grateful” Clinical Operations Coordinator

“From my first communication with Jocelyn, I could tell she was different to other recruiters I have spoken with previously. She offered lots of guidance and mentoring, and more importantly gave me confidence in my performance and skills. She made sure that I performed at my very best during the process, and her continuous assistance was second to none” eTMF Specialist

“CK QLS provided me with several offers and Jocelyn was really comprehensive and patient, and always listened to my requests” Regulatory Affairs Specialist

“Jocelyn is a great asset to your Swiss recruitment team. She is very professional and knows the clinical research market very well. I couldn’t have been in better hands!” Clinical Trial Leader


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