History of the chemical sector

In this video Liam O’Connell briefly explains the history of the chemical industries and how the sector is currently one of the major industries in the UK.

There are 3000 chemical companies in the UK and interestingly most are SME’s, these are turning over a total of £56.8 billion a year. This has enabled the chemical industries to be the number 1 exporter of goods in the UK.

Currently the chemical industry is a national technology priority industry in the UK with the government enabling tax credits and introducing patent box tax.

As such research and development has increased by 80% in the last five years and the whole industry is growing at 3.5% per annum.

The sector also receives around £2billion in capital investment per year and has benefited from a great deal of foreign investment from Chinese and Indian organisations.

Due to the enormous growth of the industry in recent years there is a huge demand for multi skilled scientists, engineers and IT professionals, particularly in the North East, North West, Yorkshire, Humberside and Scotland.

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