Employer case studies

The chemical industries have 3000 different companies working within it and employs over 214,000 directly and ½ million indirectly. The majority are small to medium sized enterprises, with only 160 companies employing over 250 members of staff. The structure of the industries allows organisations to be incredibly innovative which is reflected by the UK being the 2nd best research base in the world. These companies work within three specific sectors:

  • Commodity chemicals
  • Speciality chemicals
  • Consumer chemicals

Each sector covers a variety of specialisms and has its own commercial objectives. To highlight the diversity we have contacted employers across the chemical industries and asked them to provide us with a case study on what their business does, and the types of people and skills they require. By reading through these case studies you will gain insight into how vast the industry is, how it contributes to different elements of our daily life and how exciting an environment it is to work within.

  1. Business Case Study: Amtico
  2. Business Case Study: Cornelius
  3. Business Case Study: Coventry Chemicals


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