Interview tips for the technology industry

CK Science is a specialist scientific and engineering recruitment consultancy. We cover many areas, one of which being the technology industry. Within the technology industry, we specialise in medical devices, instrumentation and other related fields. As such we are often asked to give specialised advice regarding interviews for science jobs within this industry.

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Here are some common areas we are often asked about when candidates are preparing for their interview.


What is the best way to research a company?

Gaining information about a company’s products and services can sometimes be difficult as organisations are often restricted as to what they can tell you due to confidentiality agreements with clients. However, it is important to research as much as you can prior to an interview in order to be able to answer the questions thrown your way, and demonstrate interest in what they do. Some great ways to do this include:

  • Visiting the company’s website
  • Getting hold of company brochures
  • Reading press releases and news articles
  • Studying public company performance reports
  • Searching the company and its key employees on networking sites such as LinkedIn

During the interview, you should make an effort to ask a variety of questions surrounding the company’s products and services to fill in the gaps of what you don’t already know. Individuals in this field are often very passionate about what they do, and will be keen to share what they can with you surrounding the business’s achievements and goals for the future. By asking questions, this shows that you are interested in the role and willing to put in the effort to develop with them.


What is the best way to display skills and experience when sitting in the interview chair?

As well as researching an employer before an interview, it is equally important to take some time out to research yourself. Take some time out to consider what skills and qualities each previous role has given you, how you developed them and how you think you would be able to use them in your new role. You could ask yourself things like:

  • What relevant experience have I gained in the technology industry?
  • What are my strengths? How can my strengths be applied to this role?
  • What skills are required for the job? Do I have any experience that demonstrates that I have these skills?

Interviewers value practical examples when discussing your background and the skills you can bring to a role. The STAR technique is one of the best ways to demonstrate this as it ensures that you are able to thoroughly explain your achievements and experiences. You should state the context of your story, define your responsibility within the task, describe what you did to overcome the challenge, and show what resulted from the situation.

Check out our graphic for more detail on how to do this.

STAR interview technique infographic


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