Interview tips – chemical engineering

If you have an upcoming interview for a chemical engineering job, here are some handy tips for you.

Four people in a job interview

Questions you are likely to be asked

As a Chemical Engineer, you may work in a number of different functions, focus areas and be required to draw on a number of skill sets. As such you may be asked a number of questions at your interview, here are a few questions that may be asked:

  • Give me an example of a chemical process engineering project you have been involved in?
  • Tell me about how you have gone about continuous improvement in line with manufacturing methodologies (e.g. 6 sigma / lean manufacturing)?
  • Provide me with a practical example of when you have had to perform modeling or simulation (e.g. FEA / CFD)?
  • Explain how you ensure projects meet quality and H&S standards across the site?

Give examples of  skills and experience

As you can see they will want to see practical examples of your skills & experience, however this can often be hard to portray in an interview.

To do this you should identify examples of situations from your experiences on your CV where you have demonstrated skills and competencies that you feel are relevant to the role – This can be often obtained by comparing to a job specification.

Answer questions effectively

During the interview, your responses need to be specific and detailed. Tell them about a particular situation that relates to the question, not a general one. Briefly tell them about the situation, what actions you took, and the positive result or outcome. One proven way to structure your answers is using the STAR (Situation, Task, Action, Result or “STAR”) format. Check out our graphic below.

STAR interview technique infographic

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