LinkedIn’s ‘Jobs on the Rise’ report 2021 for medicine and healthcare

LinkedIn last week released a special edition of its Emerging Jobs Report for 2021, taking a closer look at how Covid-19 has affected the jobs landscape in the UK and, specifically, the roles that have experienced the highest growth over the last several months.

The report found that specialised medical professionals and healthcare supporting staff have been two of the fastest growing job categories throughout last year, continuing into 2021.

The demand for medical writers and similar roles has increased by 104%, as the Covid-19 pandemic has required more healthcare staff members than ever to continue delivering support to those who need it the most. They have played a significant role in hospitals and medical centres over previous months, with predictions that this demand will remain high for quite some time.

Alongside healthcare staff, specialised medical professionals such as medical laboratory assistants and pharmacists have been working behind the scenes to produce the all-important vaccines and medicines used to treat patients. The sector overall has grown by 58% since the pandemic began, with clinical research coming out as one of the top skills required by employers.

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