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For many companies the summer holidays are a quiet time of year; our job market data shows less jobs are advertised, so there is less competition for candidates. From our experience, therefore, summer can be a great time to recruit, and it is a chance for job seekers to step away from their usual routine and workplace to reflect on their career goals and current lifestyle.

Why is summer a great time to recruit?

Fresh Talent

During the summer months, many candidates (especially recent graduates) enter the job market. Universities and colleges release a fresh batch of young professionals who are eager to start their careers with their first role in industry.

Taking Time Out

With many people taking time off work, it presents the perfect time to reflect on personal goals. That is why many people find this is the ideal time to seek change and are open to take on new challenges.


We’ve found people are keener to relocate at this time of year than others, so instead of slowing down your recruitment, use this as an opportunity to widen your pool of candidates.

New Perspectives and Energy

Hiring new employees during the summer can inject fresh perspectives and renewed energy into a company. New hires can bring innovative ideas and enthusiasm, which can rejuvenate teams and drive projects forward.

Flexible Schedules

Summer often brings a more relaxed atmosphere in workplaces, with employees taking breaks and work slowing down. This can make scheduling interviews easier, as both candidates and hiring managers may have more flexible schedules. This can speed up the hiring process, allowing for quicker decision-making and onboarding.

Less Competition

Many companies slow down their recruiting efforts in the summer, believing that candidates and hiring managers are on holiday. This misconception provides a strategic advantage to proactive recruiters who can tap into the talent pool with less competition, securing top candidates who might otherwise receive offers in the busier autumn and spring seasons.

Strategic Planning for the Year Ahead

Summer hiring allows companies to strategically plan for the rest of the year. By securing talent in the summer, businesses can ensure they are well-staffed and prepared for the rest of the year, which is often busier and more demanding.

Summer is a prime time for recruiting due to increased candidate availability, reduced competition, flexible scheduling, fresh perspectives, and strategic planning advantages. Companies that take advantage of these factors can successfully attract and secure top talent, positioning themselves for sustained success throughout the year.

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