Managed Consultancy and Outsourcing Services

We have successfully delivered managed consultancy and outsourcing projects for some of the world’s most renowned pharmaceutical companies.

These services include the recruitment and management of highly skilled teams to deliver your project efficiently and on time, either externally or as an integrated unit alongside your own staff. We are confident we can do the same for you.

Our managed consultancy service takes control of the day to day running of a specialist project including the recruitment and management of staff for the project. This option ensures your projects run in an optimal way, creating value and efficiency and bringing the right talent to the table at the right time.

We will manage the full HR spectrum including recruitment, training, performance, payroll, holidays and sick pay. We also have a CK HR representative on-site who is the go-to person for issues and staff support. This enables you to concentrate on your business without the day-to-day hassle of management or staffing issues.

We have successfully delivered a range of innovative and well-known projects for a number of global pharmaceutical companies, from the recruitment and management of pre-clinical R&D teams of Geneticists and Molecular Biologists, through to delivery of the world’s first digitally enhanced Randomised Controlled Trial (RCT) to include a broad and inclusive population of patients in an everyday clinical practice setting.

Whether it’s running part of a clinical study, an e-detailing team, or an analytical function, we work collaboratively and creatively with our clients to deliver a tailored talent-based solution to agreed key performance indicators.

We have also very successfully delivered flexible labour solutions similar to the above but on an outsourced basis by providing external departmental or bespoke project management services. We would be delighted to discuss these options in more detail with any of our current or prospective clients.

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