Executive search and selection

CK Group’s Executive Search and Selection Service is a bespoke method of locating and recruiting senior candidates or those with a unique skill set – also known as head hunting.

Our extensive knowledge and experience in approaching top-quality candidates in an honest and fairway means that you can place your trust in us to find talent that is the right fit for your team

We will use our expertise and industry knowledge to proactively approach contacts who might be the perfect fit for your senior role.

Tailored executive search and selection service at CK Group:

We have successfully managed numerous search campaigns for our clients. We do this by:

  • Working closely with the client to draw up a plan of the requirements.
  • Conducting extensive research to identify potential candidates.
  • Use LinkedIn Recruiter licence as well as our industry contacts
  • Discreetly approaching potential candidates to ascertain their suitability.
  • Conducting interviews and psychometric profiling.
  • Presenting a shortlist of appropriate candidates with recommendations for interview and suitability for the role

If you would like to learn more about our specialist executive search and selection service, contact one of our recruiters,

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