A Leading Carbon Capture and Water Generation Solutions Company Case Study

We are currently working with a leading carbon capture and water generation solutions company with a global reach, focusing on molecularly-engineered technology developed for countering climate change. We spoke to the company who were happy to tell us how we worked with their team to enhance their recruitment.

plants and science

Could you give a description of what your organisation does?

We are currently working on technologies in the fields of atmospheric water harvesting and CO2 capture.

What type of roles do you typically recruit for?

Roles such as Mechanical Engineers, Chemical Engineers and Organic Chemists.

What was your motivation for working with CK Group?

Assistance with our recruitment, we have previously hired several people through CK Group.

Can you describe how CK has been able to support with your recruitment needs?

CK help find the talent and did the initial interview. They provided the summary which helped us select who we wanted to move forward with second round of interviews.

What sets CK apart from other suppliers?

Always adjusting and fine tuning the search requirements based on feedback.

Please leave a short statement to summarise your experience working with CK.

Happy with the recruiting service. Easy to schedule interviews and get answers to questions we have for candidates.


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