Hiring Managers: Change your recruitment methodology

The latest KPMG/REC UK Report on Jobs highlights the sharpest growth in permanent placements in 23 years, and the fastest growth in temporary recruitment in over six years.

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This dramatic change in hiring patterns requires hiring managers to change their recruitment processes to adapt to the situation and ensure they are able to source and recruit required staff.

So what advice can I give to make the process work as effectively as possible during these competitive times?

  1. Have a very clear job brief so that you know what you are looking for.
  2. Use social media to source your applicants.
  3. Draw up your shortlist and arrange interviews quickly, as candidates are getting jobs very rapidly.
  4. Keep the recruitment process as short as possible. Do not have big gaps between first and second interviews, and do you really need a third interview stage?
  5. Stay in touch with your candidates throughout the process.
  6. Make your offers as competitive as possible, as good candidates are likely to have multiple offers.
  7. Be flexible and willing to negotiate. Offer training to candidates who do not have a complete skillset.

The other major highlight that has come from this report is that candidate availability has decreased dramatically as applicants are able to get roles quickly. This has been a very dramatic shift over the last two months, which once again emphasises the need for hiring managers to change their recruitment methodology to meet these changing market conditions.

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My advice to hiring managers is to:

  1. Be clear on what you want, and be prepared to be flexible
  2. Ensure you have a speedy recruitment and selection process
  3. Offer very competitive packages

For more assistance or advice on recruitment methodologies, get in touch with Jonathan Hart-Smith.

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