Senior Analytical Chemist

Location: North-West London
Salary: £35,000+
Availability: One month
Candidate reference: 00195237

  • Senior Analytical or Laboratory based positions in and around the London area.
  • A degree educated candidate with significant experience of working in industry roles such as an Analytical Chemist.
  • In their current position they are responsible writing and editing SOPs and Protocols for the QC lab. In addition, also takes part in batch release by chasing up outside contract labs and solving investigations.
  • Experience of setting up processes (from start to finish) for the laboratory like sampling process from the warehouse, stability process etc.
  • Also been responsible for the routine testing of Capsules, tablets, Injections etc. using HPLC, GC, UV, Karl fisher, FT-IR etc as well as the sampling and testing of raw materials, intermediates and finished products using current Pharmacopoeias, any associated ‘wet’ chemistry and instrumental techniques (HPLC,GC, IR, UV).
  • Currently lives in north-west London and is available at 4 weeks’ notice for employment.

To find out more about this candidate, contact Naynesh here.