How to Choose The Ideal Candidate: 5 Recruitment Tips for Interviewers

A CV is often the first insight you are able to gain about a candidate, but sometimes you might struggle to identify how well a candidate would fit your business and the skills and qualities they would be able to bring.

However, before ruling them out of the process it is a good idea to explore the individual a little further, as you may find they possess qualities you were not initially aware of.

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Take a look at our top five tips on how to select the right candidate for you:

Before the interview

Conduct a prior telephone interview

Unsure whether a candidate is right for you based on the CV they have submitted? Organise a short 15-minute phone call. This will add depth to their CV by giving them a chance to provide more information about their experience and achievements, allowing you to obtain a better idea of their suitability for your role.

Give the candidate a brief overview of the face-to-face interview

You should be able to provide the candidate with a synopsis of what the interview will cover so that the individual can carry out their research and prepare for the day. This should ensure that the interview is more detailed, increase the level of understanding that they hold about you and highlight how interested the individual is in your role.

During the interview

Be thorough

A candidate will expect to come away from an interview feeling informed about the role, the company and their potential future. On the other hand, you as an employer should feel satisfied that you have gained as much useful information as possible. It would be handy to keep a crib-sheet of questions you would like to ask, to provide structure to the day and improve efficiency. Read about what questions you can ask here.

Get to know the candidate on a more personal level

Getting to know the candidate more will prove to them that you are interested in them as a person, as well as provide a better indication as to whether they are likely to be a good fit with the culture of your team. You could ask what interests them outside of work or what their goals are for the future. Remember to focus on job-related questions to avoid making a hiring decision based on personality rather than qualifications, but gaining that extra information could prove that they are the perfect candidate.

After the interview

Gain feedback from your team

It may prove to be highly beneficial to introduce the candidate to the company’s team. By doing this, you can gain feedback from those who interacted with the candidate outside of the interview room and understand how they may fit within the team. What were the first impressions? Were any more insights gained from this?

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