Chemtech’s Services

  • Soil Testing Laboratory Services

Chemtech Environmental can support a contaminated land remediation project, determine the nutrient content in a soil sample, and aid site investigation services prior to construction amongst many other factors.  They operate a standard FIVE day standard turnaround time, with results available faster at a premium.

With UKAS accredited soil testing to ISO17025 and the Environment Agency’s MCertS soil testing performance standard, results provided are valid and credible.  They can determine the presence of metals, organics and inorganics as well as other substances found in samples taken from contaminated land, topsoil, composting, clay and loam.

  • Water Testing Laboratory Services

The UKAS ISO17025 accredited water testing laboratory services offer a standard FIVE day turnaround, with the option of faster results at a premium.

They carry out testing for metals in water, organics in water and inorganics in water from Surface water, groundwater, wastewater, leachates and trade effluent.  They can offer effluent testing for specific contaminants based upon the type of process producing the waste.

  • Waste Acceptance Criteria Testing

They offer four types of Waste Acceptance Criteria (WAC) testing for leachate to BS12457-3 accreditation standards with additional waste characterisation and waste classification services as required. It comes with a guaranteed SEVEN day turnaround promise with faster laboratory turnarounds available at a premium. ensuring minimal delay to the client’s own processes.

WAC testing categorises waste as hazardous or non-hazardous in order to identify the correct UK landfill type by comparing the WAC test findings to the Waste Acceptance Criteria.  WAC is designed to restrict the input of waste to landfill, plus it serves to help the landfill operator correctly identify where the waste should be disposed.