Our team

The CK Team consists of many varied people in varied roles, but every single one is great to deal with supporting our clients and candidates every day.

From our bespoke offices in Stevenage, Chesterfield and Durham our passionate nationwide team are all experts in their field and strive to deliver a world-class service to our clients and candidates.

Broadly speaking our team varies between the Sales team working to recruit the best talent in Science, Clinical, Engineering and IT, the Administration team keeping an eye on our candidate database and the Head Office team managing all aspects of Marketing, Finance and HR.


Our Recruitment Consultants are a close knit team of industry experts, with a knowledge base built up from working in industry, a background in academia, or simply from their time working at CK Group with their experienced colleagues.

Each of our consultants focuses on a particular area of recruitment within CK Group’s tailored divisions, working to develop business within their areas, support their colleagues with leads and ideas, and to daily match clients with their ideal candidates.

CK Group actively promotes and rewards teamwork. Whether you work in CK Science, CK Technical or CK Clinical, you will share best practice, ideas and innovation across the whole CK Group.


Our Compliance team support both their individual offices and the company nationwide. They are based at each of our offices in Durham, Chesterfield and Stevenage but all work together as one unit.

Our Compliance team support both Recruitment and Head Office on a daily basis. In addition to taking great care of our candidate database, uploading new candidates and updating details as required, they keep their offices running smoothly covering a varied range of duties including reception duties, greeting visitors and ordering supplies.

Head Office

Our Head Office team are all based at CK Group’s Chesterfield offices. Involved in all areas within Finance, Human Resources and Marketing, they offer a full range of services to the company.

One similarity between all of our Head Office team is that they each offer a dual service split between offering an excellent service to our staff at CK and providing this same level of service to our contractors, agency workers and outsourced teams. Furthermore, they also get involved with candidate attraction, business development, and a whole range of other areas, that makes every day a little bit different.

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