Contract staffing

Whether you are looking for interim or contract workers CK are known for recruiting high quality staff. We understand you, your business needs, and the fast-paced and innovative environment in which you work. So we know that sometimes your need for temporary staff can be reactive and out of the blue.

That’s where we can help. Our speed of response and flexible service means we can supply you with the right staff, with the right skills to time and budget.

Benefits of working with us:

Contract options

CK Group can engage with your chosen contractor in one of three ways, depending on the nature of the requirement and the individual’s preferred way of working:


If the contractor is engaged by CK Group on a PAYE basis, a fixed term, full contract of employment is issued and CK Group takes responsibility for all employment related matters including:


For those looking for interim staffing solutions but need to provide payroll through an external party, CK can do this on your behalf. The benefits of this service include:

  • Contracts can be agreed within 24 hours
  • You review, authorise or reject timesheets online
  • Payment can be made in Sterling or Euros.
  • Providing workers with an itemised pay statement.
  • Complying with national minimum wage law
  • Making statutory payments eg maternity, ordinary, paternity, additional paternity, and sick pay in line with current legislation
  • Only making lawful deductions
  • Complying with Pension Legislation and Auto Enrolment 

HR support

We provide our contract workers and clients with a HR Support network which offers

  • Performance reviews
  • Absenteeism tracking
  • General support and advice


Limited company

A contractor working through their own Limited Company is employed by that company, which is engaged under a contract for services by CK Group. Their own company deals with all employment matters, which can simplify certain aspects of the engagement from an administrative point of view. CK Group ensures that the company is bona fide and makes all necessary due diligence checks.



Contractors can elect to work through an umbrella company from CK Group’s list of preferred suppliers, all of which have been thoroughly vetted for legal and HMRC compliance. In this case, the umbrella company employs the contractor, which again can simplify certain aspects of the engagement from an administrative point of view. The future of the umbrella option is currently under question in the face of new legislation taking effect in April 2016, the full details of which are still to be confirmed. However CK Group can very quickly and easily switch an umbrella workers to the PAYE option if necessary.

Whatever the preferred working method of your chosen contractor, you can rest assured that CK Group is expert in issuing the appropriate and correct contract in each case, ensuring all round compliance and peace of mind.


Our dedicated screening team verifies all candidates before they start work. This process starts before you even receive a CV, as all potential candidates are expected to complete an application form which requests information such as reference details, proof of ID, qualifications and right to work in the UK. If a candidate is offered a position and accepts, it’s the screening team that then follows up any references and authenticates stated qualifications. This is a vital process as it ensures that your new worker is qualified, eligible and validated before they commence work with you.

Online timesheets

Our online system has been introduced to streamline the approval process for working hours and expenses as it enables timesheets to be completed, submitted, approved and processed electronically.

The benefits of this system include:

  • Reduces processing time and data entry errors
  • Allows secure authorisation to eliminate the need for signatures
  • Automatic record-keeping, with no need for data entry
  • Timesheets can be submitted and approved remotely
  • Automatic reminders are sent out to prevent delays in the payroll process

For more information on our contract working options and benefits contact us on 01246 457700.


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