Random Acts of Kindness: What We’ve Been Doing for Colleagues

This week the Mental Health Foundation hosted Mental Health Awareness Week 2020, with the theme of kindness. This theme resonated with CK Group, who like many other companies are trying to support our staff during an uncertain and anxious time.

As one of the initiatives to recognise this week, our staff entered into a random draw to select a colleague to show a random act of kindness to. This was additionally challenging with all of our teams working remotely, but everybody really got behind it and came up with some great ideas.

If you are thinking about showing an act of kindness to a valued colleague, here are some of our ideas that you could consider.

Alleviate admin

In our post-GDPR world we don’t have papers piling up like we used to, but that doesn’t mean we don’t get anxious from time to time about the mounting admin we have to do. If you have some time available and want to help out a colleague, how about trying to reduce their to-do list by covering some of those tasks they have been nervous about starting?

Give feedback

Everybody appreciates feedback, and giving someone genuine positive feedback can bolster confidence during challenging times.

For those who value public recognition, how about completing a recommendation on LinkedIn or other professional networking site? Show them and their following just how valued they are.

You could also utilise a company recognition scheme as long as your carefully written feedback will be provided to them. One of our directors here at CK wrote a personal postcard with some hand-written praise and positive feedback – showing not everything has to be done online.

Get crafty

If you have the skills, or access to a YouTube tutorial, how about getting crafty for one of your colleagues? One of our team members made face masks for a colleague and their family to help them when out and about. Not only does this show that you care, but getting creative will also do great things for your own mental well-being, as art therapy can help with stress relief, emotional release and self-discovery.

Personalised gifts

Sending gifts is a common go-to measure to warm the spirits of those we cannot visit ourselves. At CK Group, we saw some really personal gifts.

For those who missed out on a holiday during lockdown, how about sending products or a guidebook from that destination to get them in the mood from home? Here is a fresh pasta meal box for one of our colleague’s missed Italian retreat.

Other gifts included:

  • A book on positive vibes for one of our resident bookworms.
  • Speciality coffee for one of our (many) coffee lovers.
  • Pet toys for one of CK’s pets.
  • A spa day at home kit for a team member recuperating after birthday celebrations.

Thank you to everybody at CK Group for taking part so enthusiastically and coming up with some thoughtful, creative ideas. Spread kindness whatever your distance or budget!

Mental Health Awareness Week CK Group colleagues holding up signs that say CK Group is supporting mental health awareness week 2020