Present your company in the best way during the recruitment process

The July Office for National Statistics reports states that UK unemployment is currently 4.5%. This is, down from 4.9% for a year earlier and the lowest since 1975.

Undoubtedly this is good news for people seeking work and demonstrates that there are certainly opportunities out there. When trying to attract talent, however, this does mean that we all have to work harder to make sure the brightest and the best want to join us.

A recent survey by the CK Group found that 70% of employers in the life science industry sometimes find it hard to recruit the right staff and 30% find it hard most of the time.

The recruitment process is the time to impress upon the people that you would like to hire that your company is the right place for them. As part of recruitment and selection, you are not only trying to identify the best person for your role but you are also working hard to show people from outside of the business that they should want to work with you. If they are unsuccessful, you want them to be disappointed and to walk out of your building wishing that they had got the job and be telling other people in the job market what a great company you have.

To achieve this, the recruitment process should be well managed. Any relationship with external recruiters should be professional and well informed with regular communication. Remember that your recruiter is working hard to represent your business.

Try to make sure the recruitment process is quick and efficient; a lot of talented people get snapped up quickly so be willing to be flexible and make sure that you showcase your business and your current staff.

CK Group’s survey gave some guidance on the process and tips to consider:

  • 67% of applicants prefer to use their own CV over an application form.
  • 24% of applicants fail to complete their application of if application form is required
  • 94% of applicants prefer a simple 1 – 2 stage interview process and are therefore more likely to see it through to completion.
  • 76% of applicants were put off by unfriendly interviewers
  • 52% of applicants said that company staff need to sell the company more


How to sell your company:

Some simple things to cover during the interview process can make a big difference to how your business is perceived:

  • A site tour and company culture – the two biggest influencers on how welcoming a company can be perceived are to talk about the company culture and to let your candidates see the site.
  • The candidates future – The next most helpful techniques are to highlighting developmental and future promotional opportunities and the benefits of working with your business
  • Business future and your team – Finally talking about where your business has come from, what the future holds and meeting the team will help demonstrate that your company is the right place for them.


Leaving a positive impression:

After the interview and the candidate has left the site, it’s important that they see your business in the best possible light. This helps with cementing an acceptance of any offer. It also helps to raise your standing as a place that people want to work and they will share their positive experience with other future applicants.
Feedback is vitally important in helping create a positive impression with your future workforce. 75% of job seekers said that they would not consider reapplying to a company that did not provide them with any feedback and only 13% of applicants in the CK survey said that they had received constructive feedback following an interview.


Offer acceptance:

In the recent survey, 70% of applicants said that they had turned down offers because they were counter offered by their current employer or because the company that they were applying to had taken too long to make a decision and they had taken something else. Surprisingly 40% of candidates had turned down jobs because the salary offered had been lower than they had been led to believe it would be or below market rate.
It’s therefore not only vitally important to make a good impression but also to feedback promptly and to make sure that any offer made is in line with market rates.


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Author: Jonathan Hart-Smith, Managing Director


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