Drug Discovery and Development Careers

This week we were pleased to announce our latest sector spotlight which is a focus on the Drug Discovery and Development industry.

Created as a result of market research we performed in 2016 with employers, job seekers, careers advisors and even our own recruitment consultants which identified distinct recruitment roadblocks that needed addressing. By utilising our results, and data from the Bridging the skills gap in the biopharmaceutical industry report issued by the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry, we have been able to provide a range of materials to highlight and support the recruitment challenges that have been detected.

Our latest range of materials includes infographics, articles and videos that provide top tips and support on how employers and job seekers can improve their recruitment and job hunting successes.

So whether you are seeking to join the drug discovery and development sector or are looking to recruit an industry professional, we have some unique insights that will help you.

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Drug Discovery and Development Careers