CK Group’s Message on Coronavirus

As the Coronavirus situation continues to evolve, CK Group would like to reassure our clients, candidates and contractors of the contingency measures we have in place to be able to provide continued support.

CK Group is set up across multiple locations and offices. We have given our teams the ability to work remotely to minimise the risk of spread between individuals in the event of a team member falling ill. Our staff have the equipment required for remote working to ensure business continuity for ongoing support, and can be reached via their landline, mobile and email. In the event of a team member falling ill, their landline will divert to another team member and their emails monitored on their behalf.

In order to minimise the spread of the virus, staff concerned about symptoms or potential exposure have been asked to seek medical advice and to not come into the office or visit clients and candidates.

All of our offices remain open to visitors with precautionary restrictions in line with the UK Chief Medical Officers’ guidelines. We are keeping up to date with the guidance and will continue to amend our policy on this if and when required.

We are also encouraging meetings via video-conference where possible. We would like to offer our video-conference facilities to clients and candidates who would prefer to conduct meetings or interview in this way, rather than face-to-face. Please contact us to discuss this support if required.

We are confident that CK Group is in a good position to support you through this uncertain time, but if you have any particular concern please raise this with your usual CK contact.