Pharmaceutical and Life Science Organisations Support Healthcare through Altruistic Programs

The pharmaceutical and life sciences industries are working across the globe on hundreds of projects to develop vaccines and treatments for the COVID-19. However, the sector is also supporting the NHS and the public at large through non-profit and altruistic programs which will ultimately help support the defeat of this disease.

The CK Group is very proud to support these industries and it is with great interest and admiration that we are watching our clients in their generous efforts. We feel that is important that we highlight the projects our clients have initiated and are involved in:

MSD: They have updated their company volunteering policy to enable employees who are health professionals, in areas such as medicine, nursing, and laboratory technology to volunteer for organisations such as the NHS while continuing to receive their salary.

Johnson & Johnson has provided specialist teams to the new NHS Nightingale hospital while at the same time facilitating their medically trained staff to volunteer for the NHS. They have also donated financial and product support to COVID-19 related projects including £1m to the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine for COVID-19 studies, 30,000 bottles of toiletries to charities, and £250,000 worth of hand creams to NHS professionals.

Astra Zeneca has donated over 9 million facemasks to healthcare professionals globally.

Takeda UK has donated £100,000 to patient organisations and charities to help the vulnerable in areas such as food and medicine distribution while also supporting their staff who are volunteering at the NHS.

Novo-Nordisk has worked with the NHS on a new helpline for people with diabetes during the Covid-19 crises while at the same time supporting medicinal volunteers in this essential service.

It is heartening to see everyone pulling together to support our health services during this crises and the CK Group will continue to support the life sciences and pharmaceutical industries in helping overcome this dreadful disease.

On behalf of the CK Group, can I say a big thank you to everyone involved but supporting and working for our NHS.

Take a look at what the CK Group has been doing to support the life science and pharmaceutical sectors here.

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Author: Liam O’Connell, Director of CK Group

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Covid-19 Return to Work Plans in the Life Science Sector

In Australia, our INRALS partner On Q Recruitment recently undertook an extensive survey of life science organisations as they enter their return to work phase. This survey covered both international and local organisations that employ in excess of 10,000 staff.

As organisations in Australia are approximately 3 weeks ahead of the UK and Ireland in terms of returning to the workplace, the results are both very interesting and very relevant to the STEM sector.

Some of the main points to come out of the survey include:

  • The need for workforce flexibility both in relation to hours of work and location of work, with many planning to offer longer remote working periods to those who are vulnerable or with special circumstances.
  • Issues in relation to public transport and how to ensure that employees can utilise this safely, as investigations into alternative methods of getting to work begin or continue.
  • Issues in relation to face to face meetings with clients and suppliers.
  • Changes to the workplace and communal areas such as kitchens, stairwells and lifts, and how these will be made safer through cleaning procedures and limiting how many staff work in the office at each time.
  • Pay increases v wage freezes.
  • Recruitment v redundancies.

This survey provides extremely thought-provoking insights and gives us information on the way the life sciences sector is coping with the pandemic and returning to work.

If you would like to know more about this study do not hesitate to contact Liam O’Connell of the CK Group or Catherine O’Mahony of On Q Recruitment at