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A new recruitment brand, CK Technical

We are pleased to announce that CK IT and CK Engineers have rebranded to form a new recruitment division, CK Technical. This new team will focus on finding roles for high calibre Engineers and IT professionals in the scientific, chemical, waste, biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries

As specialist recruiters in the life science industries, we noticed that many of the IT and engineering roles that we recruit for have a great deal of crossover between the engineering and IT sectors. As our brands progressed it became clear that it would be advantageous to combine these two recruitment divisions.

Not only will this merge be an advantage to CK and it’s clients, it means that the years of experience held by CK Engineers and CK IT and their industry contacts will enable CK Technical to offer a wider variety of jobs, an improved recruitment service and help our candidates find the right roles tailored to their specialities.

Also our new streamlined and simplified appearance will create an easier user interface while still providing access to technically-related vacancies and job-seekers.

Visit our brand new website 

If you have colleagues, relative or friends who are engineers or IT professionals within the life science and pharma sectors then please share the news with them!

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Have you thought about contract recruitment? Why hiring employees on a contract basis could be the right model for you.

Contract recruitment, in a nutshell, is hiring staff on a contract basis, rather than permanently. The employment contract lasts a fixed amount of time, usually 6 to 12 months, and once completed the position terminates.

This is becoming an increasingly favourable model for organisations in the science and clinical field and is often a necessary way for pharmaceutical companies and clinical research organisations to operate their human resources.

There are numerous advantages to hiring on a contract basis, and here we explore some of the scenarios when contract employment may be the right model for your organisation.


Changing work demands

If workflow at your organisation is not consistent, hiring contract staff may be the ideal solution. Rather than having to pay your staff needlessly during quiet periods, or dismissing them and having to pay redundancy pay, contract recruitment could provide your organisation with a more flexible and cost-effective employment structure.

Alternatively, if there are certain times of the year when workflow is very busy, recruiting additional contract workers could help stabilise the business. Additional help will enable your full-time employees to concentrate on their jobs, and hence increase their productivity.

When work demands change, an organisation can increase or decrease the number of contract staff they use to suit the human resources needs.


When there is a need for a particular expertise

At CK Group we have many experienced contractor candidates with specific skill sets in their field.

Many contractors have worked for a vast number of companies in your field and therefore have a lot of experience that full-time employees may not. They can bring a new and unbiased third-party perspective to your organisation, and help you run projects more efficiently.

Contract employees are often hired for specific projects and to fulfil certain roles while the project runs. This is often the case in research, and regular positions offered on a contract basis include research associate and clinical project manager roles.


A cost-effective solution

There are also financial benefits to hiring contract staff. When you hire on a contract basis the agency will handle all tax and National Insurance administration, manage holiday entitlements, pension contributions, sickness absences and any disciplinary matters, enabling you to reduce your own overheads by not having to manage these processes


Tighter control over staffing budgets

In contract employment employees are hired for a set amount of time and at a specific rate. This makes it very easy for organisations to calculate the cost of hiring temporary staff.

For projects and trials many pharmaceutical companies will favour this recruitment model as it allows them to have tighter control over the allocated budget.


Recruiting at short notice

Hiring personnel on a contract basis is normally a much quicker process than hiring someone permanently. As contract recruitment is for a fixed amount of time, less consideration is needed when employing someone new. This, in turn, makes the hiring process less lengthy and cheaper.

If you need staff immediately or at short notice, contract recruitment is worth considering. It can even be a temporary solution while you look for staff for a permanent role.


Understanding the different contact options

At CK Group we have a variety of contract options to suit our candidates and clients’ requirements.

Some of our contract staff are employed by us and engaged on a PAYE (pay as you earn) basis. This means that we are responsible for all employment matters including their Employers National Insurance contributions, holiday pay and managing their payroll.

Alternatively, some of our contract staff work under their own limited company. A contractor working through their own limited company is employed by that company, which is engaged under a contract for services by CK Group. Their own company deals with all employment matters, which can simplify certain aspects of the engagement from an administrative point of view. CK Group ensures that the company is bona fide and makes all necessary due diligence checks.

Other contractors work through an umbrella company. In this case, the umbrella company employs the contractor, which again can simplify certain aspects of the engagement from an administrative point of view.


All in all, contract recruitment can be an ideal recruitment model for organisations that need specific skills, a more flexible employment solution or are cost sensitive. At CK Group, we provide our clients with the best contact candidates within the following sectors:

• Pharmaceutical
• Biotechnology
• Chemical
• Engineering
• Waste
• Environmental
• Food

To find out how we can help you find the right contract candidates, contact us here.

Or call: 01246 457700 or email: